Jimi Hendrix:
The Cry of Love

Eddie Kramer Archives

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Available on CD and Vinyl.

"Jimi and I were working on this album at Electric Lady Studios just before he died.  I was fortunate to have mixed several tracks with Jimi so when it came time to continue the mixing in January of '71, I had a great reference point as to the sonic direction of the album.  The music that Jimi had been working on was a change, moving into a more R&B/Soul influenced direction.He was very happy working at last in his own studio ,so much so that he was even early for a lot of his sessions..!!" ~ Eddie Kramer

Originally released in 1971, The Cry Of Love was compiled and mixed by Hendrix’s longtime engineer Eddie Kramer and Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell. The bulk of these tracks were recorded between December 1969 and the summer of 1970 at Electric Lady Studios in New York, and were intended to be part of an ambitious double LP tentatively titled First Rays of the New Rising Sun. VH1 recently declared The Cry Of Love the greatest posthumous classic rock record of all time.


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