Led Zeppelin:
Houses of the Holy (Remastered)

Eddie Kramer Archives

$ 19.00


Available on CD and Vinyl.

"In May of 1972 I was asked by the Zep boys to come over to England and record some tracks for a new album.They had rented Mick Jaggers mansion Stargroves outside of London and the Stones Mobile recording truck for the occasion.The reason was that we were able to get different sounds from the various rooms including a conservatory where we put Bonhams' drums.!!  The song D'yermaker (NOT DYERMAKER as the Yanks pronounce it!!) is based on the English pronunciation of "Jamaica" had that enormous signature Bonham drum sound with the band playing a strong Reggae influenced track is one of my favourites!!  Check out the rest of the cool Led Zeppelin Collection photographs…!!"

  • CD remastered and packaged in a gatefold card wallet.
  • Vinyl LP remastered album on 180-gram vinyl, packaged in a sleeve that replicates the LP's first pressing in exacting detail.


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