About Our Prints

Availability of Prints 

All of our prints are made to order and take two weeks. If you have time restrictions you should e-mail us for availability, info@eddiekramerarchives.com. 

Print Size vs. Mat Size

Print Size is the image and Mat Size is the surrounding archive paper the image is printed on.

The exception would be the Giclee. The mat size will be anywhere between 3 – 5 inches on all sides. This would allow the customer to have their framer stretch the canvas onto a frame.

Shipping and Handling 

All print orders normally take between 10 and 14 days, including shipping time, so please keep that in mind. We use Fed Ex two day to expedite your order. Prints come in a tube and are not mounted. It is recommended that you DO NOT unpack the photos yourself. The highest possibility of damage occurs when one who is not familiar with photo handling attempts to remove unframed photography from its container. You should take it to your framer in the packaging in which it is received if at all possible. Any order over $650 has free shipping as long as it’s within the USA borders. Please contact us for quotes on International shipping orders.

Signed Editions 

All of Eddie Kramer Archive original, limited edition photos have been printed on top grade fiber-based archival paper using archival techniques. They are hand signed by Eddie Kramer on the bottom right hand corner. Since each photo is developed one at a time, every one is a unique piece of art. Prints are not mounted or framed. 


The Portrait Series

These intimate portraits were chosen from EKA catalog to represent Eddie's close interaction with each artist as he was helping them create their music. Each portrait has its own personal story.Every attention to detail has been given to this series. The black & white portraits are given even more spender because we found a gorgeous, archival, pearlescent paper. The two ¼" acrylic plastic panels sandwich the print beautifully leaving an inch boarder of "see through" plastic. The designed intent extended to finding a coated picture wire to protect the plastic from scratching. Plus cool, industrial looking fasteners, that pinch the print securely as well as create a ready to hang picture! Includes an information card with the official seal of Eddie Kramer Archives, Eddie's remembrances quote and the image you purchased. Perfect gift for the holidays!


Signed, numbered

6"x6" black&white image area

8"x8" pearlescent, archival paper stock

10"x10" clear acrylic plastic frame with buffed edges

4 aluminum industrial style fasteners

Clear coated 30 lb picture wire

Product weighs approximately 2 lbs

Limited edition of 35

Silver Gelatin

True black and white fiber silver gelatin prints made by hand in a darkroom with an enlarger and trays, the old fashioned way. This archival photographic chemical process creates a feeling of depth matched by no other black and white technique. After chemical processing, the image is fixed and then dried before matting and framing. Each Silver Gelatin is hand made by master printer Baret Lepejian. This museum printing delivers an incredibly creative and unique piece of art with every print. Silver Gelatin is recognized as the industry standard. 

Archival Digital Custom C Prints ~ B&W Kodak Endura Matte, Kodak Premium Metallic, Fuji Color Gloss Prints.

Our Lambda digital C-type prints are the finest photographic enlargements in the industry, the ultimate in image fidelity. The Lambda digital printer uses lasers to expose true photographic paper, so that the enlargements can achieve continuous tone, making them superior to Inkjet or LED exposed prints. The proven collectibility and long life of these prints make them the best choice for the both the professional photographer and gallery artist. These are the prints you see on the walls of museums, galleries, and in the homes of collectors worldwide.

What is a Digital C print?

 This is a photographic Type-C print made from a digital file. The Lambda takes a digital file and uses an extremely fine laser to expose traditional Type-C photographic paper. The paper is then developed in traditional darkroom chemistry. The result is an amazing true photographic print that is unsurpassed in sharpness, color accuracy and reproduction of detail while achieving the ultimate in image fidelity. We print exclusively on papers that have proven to be the absolute best available for this process. 

Watercolor Rag Paper and Giclee Canvas

Inkjet printing applies ink to premium substrates such as watercolor paper and canvas. The process is interpretive, creative and richly beautiful but please be aware that this is not a photographic process. Giclee Canvas Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is a French word meaning, "a spraying of ink.” With the advent of giclée, the art of reproducing fine art has become even more precise. Giclées have the highest apparent resolution available today -- as high as 1,800 dots per inch. In addition, since no screens are used, the prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and a color range that exceeds that of serigraphy. Displaying a full color spectrum, giclée prints capture every nuance of an original and have gained wide acceptance from artists and galleries throughout the world.

Watercolor Rag Paper

Each image is printed on heavy paper with a subtle texture and all of the edges are hand frayed to create a “rag” look.

Additional Selections

All of Eddie Kramer Archives black and white images are also available as a Silver Gelatin print. Made by hand in a dark room the old fashioned way. Please inquire. For both technical and aesthetic reasons, not all images are available in all sizes.